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The PENTA Comforto Helmet

1. Outer Shell

The outer shell is rigid, shatterproof and capable of withstanding servere impacts.

2. Ventilation System

Two discreet vents above each ear ensure maximum airflow around the head and maintain the dryness of the Comforto lining.

3. Crash Zone

A fixed airspace between the outer shell and the head absorbs secondary concussion and guarantees that the sides and top of the head cannot make contact with the shell in the event of an accident. This airspace also assists in the promotion of airflow around the head reducing the tendency of the head to overheat.

4. The Surround Zone

The mesh Surround Zone moulds to the shape of the top of the wearer's head for a comfortable, secure fit. The Surround Zone also maintains the Crash Zone and ensures that the vents remain open for improved airflow.

5. Shock Absorption System

The unique, patented Penta Shock Absorption System incorporates a network of plastic spines embedded in a layer of EPP-foam. Each individual spine acts as a shock absorber to further minimise concussion to the head.

6. Shock Absorbing Foam

The high performance EPP-foam absorbs the shock from heavy impacts and will resume it's original properties following compression unlike the usual polystyrene foam helmets which should be discarded after impact because of impaired protection. EPP-foam has greater shock absorption properties than polystyrene and therefore complies to the EN-1384 standards with a far slimmer profile.

7. Harness

A 4-point harness with adjustments both in front of and behind the ears. Quick release low-profile buckle. Available in clear soft plastic, synthetic hypo-allergenic nappa or black nylon.

8. Size Adjustment

The Comforto range features a removable lining with a secure Velcro size adjustment ring to perfect the fit within the shell. There is 3 cm of adjustment within each helmet shell size.

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